Over two decades of experience, Mahceram from 1997 is one of the Iranian leading manufacturers. The production process in the factories started with Granite and glazed tiles, then extended to mono-color and unicolor porcelain surfaces. Thanks to the support of professional artisans, we are a global partner in international designs. Multifarious products are originating to fit into any desired area and reinvent beauty, modernity, and sustainability.

By blending functionality and style, we purveyed new design concepts. In recent years, the company for the first time launched extra size tiles in Iran’s marketplace.

Mahceram has revolutionized Iran’s ceramic tile industry through the integration of modern technology and technical expertise. Surfaces are available in sizes up to 160cm x 320cm, with thicknesses from 9 to 20 mm. The complex has recently established a thickness of 12mm, specialized for countertops.